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Local Custody


Local Custody

A tailor-made account structure in the T2S perspective

A wide European footprint enables SGSS to make the difference. We are committed to passing on the benefits of T2S new account structure opportunities to our clients.  With SGSS, you can unbundle our custody solutions so that you buy only what you need. “Pure Custody” services – i.e. where you decide to self-settle in T2S –can be molded to fit your precise requirements and the services you really require, with the choice between integrated cash accounts or dedicated liquidity management in T2S.

A local custody set-up reinforced to fit with T2S opportunities

Our local market expertise guarantees a high level of service. And the SGSS “Pure Custody” (asset servicing) will provide you with a key differentiator in the T2S world. We provide T2S connectivity and various settlement services.

A must in the full chain of post-trade services