Issuer services - Retirement and employee savings

How does the vast scope of issuer sevices and retirement & employee savings services meet the needs of companies?

For companies, shareholder registration bookkeeping and employee shareholding schemes, along with successful capital increases, stake placements, etc. require specific operational platforms and business expertise covering regulations, tax regimes and also knowledge of market processes, corporate actions and payment procedures.


SGSS' issuer and retirement & employee savings solutions, in collaboration with Sogecap in the Corporate Savings business line, include a broad range of services developed throughout the years to help companies in these specific domains. These solutions mobilise all of the Bank’s departments and skillsets including:

  • Shareholder registration services for registered shares

  • Employee shareholding scheme administration (employee share purchasing schemes, stock-options, performance shares, equity, ect.)

  • Corporate actions processing (dividend payment, capital increase)

  • Organising annual general shareholder meetings

  • Debt instrument payment agent services and issuer agency solutions

  • Retirement & employee savings schemes bookkeeping (PEE, PER (securities or insurance account), CCB…)

  • Organising fund supervisory board elections

  • Employee surveys for all types of corporate schemes (mandatory & optional profit sharing incentives, employee shareholding schemes, ect.)

SGSS also endeavours to keep its clients informed of changes in the regulations and tax rules.

Key features & benefits

Offing a full range of services required by human resources departments for employee shareholding scheme administration outsourcing:

  • All sizes of schemes (up to 160,000 employees)

  • All types of schemes (equity, stock-options, performance shares, etc.)

  • Employee order processing, acquisition, cancellation, order intake, hedging tax regimes, international transfers, withholding tax.

Providing access to the Sharinbox on-line system managing relations with staff and non-staff registered shareholders, for consulting positions and placing buy and sell instructions.

Working closely with investment banks, law firms and asset management companies, defining and implementing securities arrangements for client operations drawing on our broad expertise and experience in complex securities transactions.

Offering a full range of bookkeeping services for companies:

  • All sizes of company (up to several thousand employees)

  • For all types of schemes (PEE, PERCO, CCB) and corporate operations (mandatory & optional profit sharing incentives, etc.)

Providing access to Esalia and Sogéretraite, designed tools for the daily management of retirement and employee savings schemes.

Providing clients with regular updates concerning changes in the regulations and tax rules.

Offering securitised integrated processes using cutting-edge technologies.

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