In your issuing projects, you are looking for a solid, reliable and experienced partner who will take care of those highly-sensitive matters: issuance of shares or debts, management of shareholders registrar or employee plans. All these operations require specific operational frameworks but, more importantly, broad and in-depth expertise in market processes, regulatory and tax regimes that could be shared with your highly-demanding business partners: shareholders, clients and staff.

In this respect, SGSS enjoys a strong and growing relationship with 60% of CAC40 companies for Registrar services, annual shareholders’ meeting management and paying agent services, General meeting management and the administration of employee share ownership plans. In Luxembourg, SGSS is also rated this International market’s no. 2 IPA and no. 3 Listing agent.

Be assured that you will find, with SGSS, the sharpest expertise you are expecting, on complex cross-border transactions and tax regime applications - notably for the administration of international employee share ownership plans.

SGSS is also at the forefront of innovation and the only provider proposing a voting service using tablets at General Shareholder Meetings, ensuring digital communication and highly-secure results. SGSS is thus committed to supporting your Corporate project requests with the right experts and tailor-made solutions.