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White Labeling

White Labeling in detail

White Label Funds provide an individualised, client-specific fund for investment and/or distribution activities. They are also referred to as Private or Third Label Funds . White Label Funds, structured as mutual funds, comply with high regulatory requirements and offer the investor the necessary transparency.
White Label Funds combine the expertise of a professional fund manager with those of an independent administration and distribution platform. The initiator, asset manager and investment management company can concentrate wholeheartedly on their core skills thanks to specialised task allocation. Tailed to the initiator's solutions, the personalised label funds represent only one of many possibilities.

You bring your reputation and expertise in research and investment decision-making.
In addition, you decide on the scope of the reporting as well as the desired performance and key risk figures. This flexible concept is at your disposal in addition to personalised investment advice. All legal and administrative tasks will be performed entirely by SGSS:

  • Daily calculation of share price and coordination with the custodian bank
  • Publication of the fund's share price
  • Reporting
  • Compiling sales documentation (prospectus, key investor information document (KIID), semi-annual and annual reports)
  • Mandatory reporting, authorisation and legal reporting
  • Communication with BaFin, auditors

Advantages for you:

  • Focus on core skills: Portfolio management, sales and customer service
  • Improve your reputation by setting up a fund with your branding
  • Investment performance that is measurable and comparable as well as providing you with increased recognition
  • Generate additional returns as a portfolio manager
  • Reduce administrative expenses vis-à-vis individual custodian services
  • Flexible organisation of asset management fees
  • Excellent sales support with professional sales documents

Advantages for your clients:

  • Investment vehicle (Sondervermögen) regulated by law
  • Professional reporting on assets
  • German funds with higher regulatory standards
  • Attractive investment (price) in a broad investment universe