Results of the survey conducted by Societe Generale Securities Services in the first quarter of 2024

The first survey carried out by SGSS in 2021 among some forty European investment players (asset managers, asset owners, consultants, associations, etc.) highlighted the rapid transformation of investment models, in line with European regulations, but also the major operational difficulties that these players had to face.

Now that three years have passed, it seemed interesting to review the progress that has been made, the projects that are underway and the obstacles that remain. A series of interviews was conducted between January and March 2024 with around forty fund managers based in the main financial centres of continental Europe.

Did you know?


Of respondents offer Article 8
or Article 9 funds.


Used fintechs or consultants
to launch their ESG funds.


Believe that employee training is a key factor
in the success of their transformation

SGSS, your partner for sustainable investments

Sustainable and Responsible Investment standards are playing an increasingly significant role for investors.

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  • Pre-trade control solution, before placing orders on its portfolio management platform, as well as indicators and reports, to ensure alignment with the defined ESG strategy.

  • Data and reporting management solution for private markets players, leveraging on Greenscope, to measure the impact of ESG engagement of your investments in these asset classes.

  • Integrated ESG data reporting solution for listed market investors accessible via the SGSS digital portal and in partnership with Clarity AI.

  • Routing of voting instructions, to facilitate shareholder voting, in line with defined ESG commitments.

In addition, access a wide range of ESG products as well as advice on sustainable investment strategies, thanks to synergies with the other business lines of the Societe Generale Group, which places CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the heart of its commitment.

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