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Regulatory reporting for Solvency II

Stay focused on the essentials

Solvency II has a number of direct and indirect impacts on the asset management industry, one of which is that it leads insurers to review their asset allocation.

The framework follows the Basel Accord approach, with a three-pillar structure, which brings insurance and reinsurance regulation more in line with the regulation applied to the banking community.

Our solution is composed of several modular services to help you comply with the obligations required by the Directive and is designed around your essential needs and an ever-changing environment. It helps insurance companies and asset managers monitor their investment strategies and the impact of capital requirements.

The SGSS SII solution frees you from:

  • The complex development, deployment and maintenance of a dedicated platform;
  • The administrative burden of liaising with Asset Managers and Fund Administrators in order to collect your holdings (including legal aspects);
  • SGSS has a governance and quality process and internal procedures to guarantee an audit trail, data integrity and archiving.

Collecting assets: a 10-year track record

This approach relies on SGSS’s ability to collect and process holdings that are not in our books:

  • It was developed in 2005 to support our multi-custodian clients in their reporting requirements;
  • The SGSS Master Assets solution aggregates all assets, both at SGSS and at third parties;
  • It is used as a standard approach for both Asset Managers and Insurance companies.