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Employee Savings Plans

A teams of experts to take care of your Employee Savings plans

For 30 years, Societe Generale has had dedicated teams in place to take care of companies seeking to set up Employee Savings plans. These teams, specially trained in client service and developments in the business units, work with companies of all sizes (major accounts, medium-sized companies, small and very small businesses).

The account holding services offered by Societe Generale are based on the technical platform provided by Service Epargne Entreprise (S2E), one of the market leaders in administration and management of employee savings schemes.

For asset management, we rely on the expertise of Societe Generale Gestion, a subsidiary of Amundi, a market leader in financial management.

These partnerships make Societe Generale Epargne Salariale one of the market’s major players in the management of employee savings plans. To date, 27,900 companies have entrusted their employee savings schemes to us, representing the management of 1,100,000 employee accounts with their assets (as at 30/10/2015).  

Societe Generale Epargne Salariale is also responsible for managing the employee savings accounts of banking groups Crédit du Nord and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa (Fédéral Finance).

Our product range

PEE (compagny savings plan)

Plans d’Epargne Salariale (Company Savings Plans) are tax-efficient structures. They hold sums arising from profit-sharing schemes, incentive plan payments, employer matching contributions and voluntary additional payments by employees.

PERCO -  (Collective Retirement Savings Plan) 

The PERCO is a solution that offers employees an extra source of income on retirement, potentially with help from their employer and a preferential tax framework.


This enables employees to share in the profits of their company. Profit-shares invested in an employee savings plan may be topped up by the company. 

Incentive plans
Incentive plans enable employees to benefit from their company’s performance, if certain profitability targets are met. It is an additional form of remuneration calculated using a freely determined formula based on the performance of the company.

Capital increases - employee share ownership plans
Capital increases involve expertise in the entire range of tools used for centralisation of subscriptions and monitoring. We provide support for companies throughout the entire implementation process of the collection tool (preparation of the requirements specification, configuration workshop, comprehensive acceptance test covering the different management cases, management of the interfaces with all the IT systems in the sector).

AKKALIA, our centralisation tool, is positioned as the key to the success of employee share ownership transactions.

Des E-services pour des salariés et des entreprises

Le site esalia.com est informatif et transactionnel avec des espaces dédiés aux correspondants entreprises et aux salariés. Vous pouvez non seulement suivre l’actualité de l’épargne salariale, obtenir des informations réglementaires, consulter les dernières innovations,... mais aussi piloter et suivre votre dispositif d’épargne salariale grâce à la partie sécurisée du site. Conçue pour iPhone et Android, esalia.com est également accessible via une application mobile gratuite.

Administrative management services

Societe Generale offers its business clients services covering all the administrative processes relating to the implementation, management and monitoring of employee savings schemes, including:

o   collective transactions: processing incentive plan payments, profit-sharing, employer matching contributions, etc.

o   individual transactions: voluntary additional payments, arbitrages, redemptions initiated by employees, etc.

Societe Generale Epargne Salariale manages employee savings plans for its clients with sites in France but also abroad, adapting to the different languages spoken by clients.

High-quality processes and tools, certified under ISO 9001

In November 2012, Societe Generale Teneur de Comptes obtained the extension of its ISO 9001 version 2008 certification, via its major service provider S2E. This certification covers all client transactions relating to employee savings, as well as the S2E telecommunications platform and IT system.

The objective of Societe Generale’s quality policy has always been to guarantee its business clients a level of service that meets the highest standards on the market and to represent an additional value-added feature in the employee savings management service offered to more than 20,000 business clients.

Societe Generale offers companies adapted solutions for every stage of the processing of collective or individual transactions initiated by employees.

All our back-office teams, call centre agents and sales support staff are fully focused on meeting the requirements and needs of every single client.

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