Fund industry panorama in Luxembourg

Discover the origin of funds promoters in Luxembourg, the different legal forms, the fund set-up journey and the distribution capabilities.

5 Things to know about Luxembourg

2nd largest fund domicile with over 4,000 bn of net assets under management (as of June 2018)

62% of cross-border funds are domiciled in Luxembourg (as of December 2017)

170nationalities (as of January 2018)

Origin of promoters in Luxembourg:

9 out of 10 largest Private Equity houses are doing  business out of Luxembourg

The Luxembourg toolbox

Legal forms

  • Corporate Form: public limited company, private limited company or cooperative company (SICAV/SICAF)
  • Contractual Form: common fund (FCP)**
  • Partnership form:corporate, common or special

*If qualified as AIF
**Except for SICAR

Fund set up journey

The 7 steps required to set up your investment vehicle in Luxembourg

Why they chose Luxembourg? 

Distribution capabilities, global ecosystem, AIFs know-how


Conducting Officer - OFI LUXEMBOURG

OFI has chosen Luxembourg domicile for three main reasons.

  • Benefit from the proven international distribution capabil-ities of Luxembourg.
  • Take advantage of the quality of the global ecosystem around the fund industry that you can find in Luxembourg (legal counsel, service providers, auditors, …).
  • Finally the original key driver for a French asset manager like us to come to Luxembourg was also the capabilities of the Luxemburg service providers to work with US asset manag-er to which we delegate some fund management (extended time zones, local presence in the US as entry point …). 

We also greatly appreciate the various business or network-ing opportunities that we can find in the multicultural and truly international environment of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Securisation Structurer - COMMEZBANK

The securisation law of 2004 lai out a solid and secure platform for securised vehicle.

A wide range of assets to be securitised, VAT exemption on management of these vehicles, extensive network of Double Tax Treaties and ease of communication with the regulator are all strong points worth considering when deciding on Luxembourg as the jurisdiction for an SPV.



Over the years, Luxembourg financial centre became a key location for develop-ing Alternative Investment products. On top of that, Luxembourg developed expertise supporting the growth of Microfinance and Impact Investing as an Asset Class by itself.

Key political and associative drivers as well as the implication of the Luxem-bourg Government supporting initiatives and developments around the UN Sustainable Development Goals confirm the choice of BlueOrchard to locate in Luxembourg.

In addition to that, as a Swiss Asset manager we chose Luxembourg for its ex-pertise, its legal framework and long track record in cross-border distribution, domiciliation and administration of funds.

 September 2018

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