Climate Law: Proposal by the European Commission


On 4 March 2020, the European Commission tabled a climate bill aimed at confirming the European Union's objective to attain carbon neutrality by 2050.

The proposal also seeks to raise the 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target from -40% presently to -50 or 55% (versus 1990 levels) based on a comprehensive impact assessment expected in the month of September. By September 2023 at the latest and every five (5) years thereafter, the European Union will assess the consistency of domestic and European actions in light of the carbon-neutrality goal and the trajectory set out for 2030-2050. The Commission will be authorised to make recommendations to Member States whose actions would be deemed inconsistent with these goals.

Additionally, the Commission proposes that, sequel to 2030 and every five (5) years until 2050, it should be entitled to review the objectives and redirect the trajectory towards neutrality based on scientific criteria. The process would be conducted by means of delegated acts that should only give the European Parliament and Member States the possibility to oppose decisions by qualified majority with no possible amendment.

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