Getting a head start on tomorrow


After three fruitful editions, I am delighted to introduce the fourth European Investor Summit, an event that has now become a landmark in the European investment world. Each year I am pleased to see familiar faces and to welcome some new ones to this annual meeting of the key actors of the Investment Industry.

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2023 is already an eventful year, with inflation hitting record highs, interest rates skyrocketing after being negative for quite some time, and the regional banking crises casting a shadow of doubt over international banks. Clearly a new paradigm is taking hold in the investment world and all players might have to rethink their strategy, from asset allocation to sustainability commitments.

And since 2023 also marks the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France, let’s consider the values of this sport to guide us in facing the challenges of our industry: in this evolving scenario, there is obviously no room for a wait-and-see attitude… but precautions are in order. We should move step by step, taking the example of the rugby player entering the scrum: Crouch, Bind, Set. Analyse the situation, take the time to embrace the challenges and anticipate their consequences for our businesses, before committing to a new strategy.

This is precisely the raison d’être of the European Investor Summit: giving you the opportunity to get a head start on tomorrow and to share these reflections with your peers. I am proud once again of the impressive line-up of prominent speakers who have agreed to address the most pressing issues affecting our industry: macroeconomics, private markets, liquid alternatives, with ESG at the heart of each debate.

I would like to sincerely thank all participants to the 2023 European Investor Summit; I trust that you enjoyed the panels and keynotes. This magazine reflects the central topics discussed during the event, and I hope it will give you food for thought.

Yours sincerely,

Gildas Le Treut, Co-Head of Coverage, Marketing & Solutions Societe Generale Securities Services

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