Invimit SGR mandated Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) in Italy as depositary bank for the Dante Fund

SGSS in Italy, a leading player in the securities services industry, has been chosen by Invimit SGR, a company heold by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to provide depositary bank services for the new Dante real estate fund.

The launch of the Dante Fund means for Invimit SGR giving life to a unique operation of its kind, which inaugurates an innovative approach to the enhancement and management of public real estate assets. A model created to be scalable and replicable, with the aim of promoting investments in the real economy of our country and contributing to the reduction of public debt. We are delighted to consolidate our relationship with SGSS in Italy, confident that their technical and strategic expertise can best support our ambitious project, stated Giovanna Dalla Posta, CEO of Invimit SGR.

It is very important for SGSS to accompany Invimit SGR in this relevant and innovative project for the enhancement of the Italian public real estate assets. The Dante fund, with its support to the Italian economy, represents a concrete example of the initiatives that Societe Generale group aims to support. Our mission is, in fact, to contribute to the sustainable development of the economy and society, through innovation and responsible solutions with a positive impact, commented Roberto Pecora, CEO of Societe Generale Securities Services in Italy.