Middle Office Outsourcing

What if, as an asset manager or a self-managed asset owner, I chose to delegate part of or my full Middle-Office function to SGSS?


Regulatory constraints and the search for optimised efficiency increasingly encourage asset managers and asset owners to outsource some or all Middle-Office components.

Middle-Office Outsourcing by SGSS offers a set of technology tools and post- trade execution services that represent real operational solutions, allowing to decrease operational costs and risks.

  • Portfolio Management tools including portfolio management, pre-trade compliance and order management

  • Trade Management functions such as trade confirmation and dissemination of settlement instructions

  • A full Investment Operations function, including investment record-keeping, reconciliation, pricing, corporate action processing, derivatives processing, collateral management and EMIR reporting

SGSS offers a fully integrated technology and service model that allows asset managers to focus on their core business: delivering optimum returns for their clients.

This Middle Office outsourcing solution is part of the CrossWise offering - our turnkey fully integrated front-to-back outsourcing solution:

Diagram: CrossWise by SGSS offer - Focus on Middle Office

Key features and benefits

SGSS provides asset managers and self-managed asset owners with an affordable Middle Office Service delegation model, with a variable cost model, based on actual usage of services and an entry ticket for startups:

  • SGSS trade management teams confirm the trades with brokers and send settlement instructions and notifications to the fund’s custodian and administrator

  • SGSS Investment Operations teams record-keep client’s position balances and transaction activity and perform typical Middle Office tasks such as reconciliation, corporate actions, derivatives processing, collateral management and EMIR-compliant reporting

SGSS offers a consultative approach and technical support in designing client operating models and front office processes to fit the standard SGSS Middle Office model.

Our middle office outsourcing solution provides mid-market asset managers and start-ups with sophisticated technology via an integrated set of portfolio management tools based on an ASP (Application Service Provision) model.

This solution is fully compatible with the Portfolio Management Service  and the Execution and Dealing Services and can be organized as a bundle.

SGSS provides an Investment Book of Records (IBOR) accessible on a real-time basis via the Portfolio Management Tools. The SGSS IBOR gives a complete view of all the portfolio on an unconfirmed (trade date) basis.

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