REGISTRACCESS, the interbank platform of the unlisted sector, based on DLT*/Blockchain technology, has now taken a step forward by opening up to all establishments in the industry.

This project, launched in 2019 and supported by the French Association of Securities Professionals (AFTI), aims to use this new technology to digitize transfer orders and the record keeping of holders of unlisted securities. The dematerialization of these processes makes it possible to automate and accelerate the transmission of information while respecting the strong security and confidentiality constraints required by the profession.

The pilot institutions, including Societe Generale and its securities services department Societe Generale Securities Services, actively participated in the development and testing of this new application intended for both registrars and custodians.

In order to best respond to the expected increase in the number of securities processed and the number of users, the application will be subject to new developments in the coming months and will also be made available to non-bank registrars. 


Read the press release published by SLIB and AFTI (in french only).


*DLT : Distributed Ledger Technology

Head of Knowledge Management Strategy and Market Infrastructure - SGSS