ESAP - European Single Access Point: The platform will open on July 10, 2027


The ESAP platform will open on 10 July 2027, as part of the European Commission's implementation of the Capital Markets Union.

Continuing the implementation of its Capital Markets Union, the European Commission proposed in 2021 a new set of measures to “improve the ability of companies to raise capital across the European Union (EU) and ensure that Europeans get the best deals for their savings and investments”. The EC thus introduced the principle of a single point of access for investors, named ESAP(European Single Access Point).

Two years later, the three constituent texts of ESAP were published in the Official Journal of the EU on December 23, 2023, setting out both the implementation timetable and the scope of the data that will be available, covering information on financial markets, financial services and sustainable finance which are already subject to disclosure requirements.

The ESAP platform will open on July 10, 2027 with a first set of data around transparency, short selling and prospectuses, which will be completed by a second wave on January 10, 2028, the scope being fully covered from January 10, 2030. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data will be included in the second wave.

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