European Union Digital Finance Package


Through its "EU Digital Finance Package", the European Union aims to create conditions to enable robust European market players to play a leading role in this sector.

What is Digital Finance?

Digital Finance refers to the use of digital technologies to facilitate financial transactions, banking services and access to financial services in general.

What is the EU Digital Finance Package?

Europe's digital transition is a top priority for the EU: the European Commission wants to enable the EU's financial sector to leverage the new technologies that are transforming the sector. As part of this initiative, in September 2020 the Commission adopted a series of digital finance measures.

The aim of the Digital Finance Package is to support the digital transformation of the financial sector and the development and use of new financial products in the EU, while preserving financial stability, market integrity and investor protection.

The package includes the EU’s digital finance strategy for the coming years and three legislative proposals:

Find out more about Digital Finance on the official website of the Council of the EU and the European Council.