SGSS is organising a European roadshow, starting on 13 June 2017, with a panel of experts to discuss and debate “Fintechs, Regtechs, Robo-advisors… techs, techs, techs!” Eight events will be held across Europe in London, Paris, Zurich, Milan, Frankfurt and Luxembourg.

How to control new techs, often boosted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and make the most of them?

How will AI itself evolve: today described as a “narrow intelligence” or just an “augmented” one, will it be “strong” and… stronger than us tomorrow? Thus, when do we have to adopt it? Do you really need it as per today?

Robot Process Automation, Quantitative Management, Chatbots… what are -or will be- the different impacts of these new technologies on the Financial Industry and Asset Managers?

How to use it without investing?

How to seize the serious benefits of new techs and AI to…

  • Improve management techniques or explore new ones
  • Experiment new modes of distribution
  • And save costs!

Join our panel of experts for a lively debate and find answers to these questions.

To find out more, please contact us at: sgss.com@socgen.com