India Budget 2022: Opportunities in Capital Markets


SBI-SG Global Securities Services is pleased to invite you to a unique webinar "India Budget 2022: Opportunities in Capital Markets” by a distinguished panel. Well known experts on Economy, Fund Management, Taxation, Global Custodial services, Stock Exchange, Global Association will share their views.


Our expert Nathan Derhy, Head of International Coordination will participate to this webinar, together with:
Dr. Soumya Kanti Ghosh, Group Chief Economic Advisor, State Bank of India,
Ravi Varanasi, Chief Business Development Officer, National Stock Exchange,
R.S. Srinivas Jain, Executive Director & Head of Strategy, SBI Mutual Fund,
Rajesh Gandhi, Partner, Deloitte,
Viraj Kulkarni, CEO, PIVOT India / TSSAG, UK

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