ESG Criteria Roadshow


SGSS is organising a European roadshow, starting on 21 November 2017, with a panel of experts to discuss and debate "ESG Criteria at the Heart of Growth?" in six venues across Europe (Milan, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Zurich).

Regarding responsible investment, conviction is now taken for granted. Regulatory and associative worlds, institutional or individual investors naturally concur in this view and create a new paradigm: Investment is acceptable if extra-financial criteria are applied.

A superficial commitment is no longer enough. This new challenge must now be placed at the heart of growth.

  • What are the first experience feedbacks?
  • Is there any obligation? What can be expected from regulators?
  • What policy should be set up?
  • What kind of progressiveness in implementation?
  • What activities could be outsourced?
  • And what about financialperformance?

Societe Generale Securities Services offers solutions - ESG criteria and notably impact on climate - based on a clear and cost-optimised methodology.

Join our panel of experts for a lively debate on the best ways to integrate these requirements within a sustainable business model, creating value across the whole chain.

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