SGSS simplifies general shareholders’ meetings with its new innovative digital tablet service

SGSS has launched an innovative digital system to simplify general shareholders’ meetings, for both issuers and investors, with the development of new touchscreen tablets.

SGSS enriches its service offering, by proposing to large companies listed in Paris a new technology to simplify the organisation and the roll-out of General Shareholders’ Meetings. With the new system, the entire process is streamlined and more secure with the electronic shareholder registration, the verification of bearer/registered shares in real time and an ergonomic experience for shareholders.

Individual shareholders and institutional investors attending the meetings have access, with this new tool, to the number of shares that each individual investor holds and detailed information necessary to vote, in several languages.

Shareholders have access to a more effective solution: the registration of shareholders is simplified, the logistic chain is lightened and the tracking of votes, in real time, is more secure. The tablets are equipped with radio connections, which are more secure and faster than Wi-Fi connections. 

The new system has already been used at the Sodexo General Meeting on 24 January 2018, which was attended by 250 individual investors.

“With more than 30 years of experience, SGSS is supporting its corporate clients with a new cutting-edge system that makes General Shareholders’ Meeting more interactive for individual shareholders,” explains Richard Roger, Head of Business Development for Corporates at SGSS.

The organisation of annual General Shareholders’ Meetings is one of the services proposed by SGSS for issuers, that includes the administration of stock-option plans, employee share and bonus share allocation plans, securities services management or even centralised financial services.