SGSS sets up in Tunisia

Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) is setting up in Tunisia in order to develop its custody services offer.

Located in Tunis within the Union Internationale de Banques (UIB), a subsidiary of Societe Generale group, SGSS is providing a new custody platform in line with international standards. This platform will allow SGSS to become the first international player to provide custody services in Tunisia to a clientele of local and international institutional investors.

In the Maghreb region of North Africa, this Tunisian site supplements a strong historical presence in Morocco, where SGSS is one of the leading players in the securities services industry.

More broadly, this new site is a further step in SGSS’ strategy to become a major securities services player on the African continent, a region which is undergoing rapid growth, and to provide domestic and international clients with reliable and high-quality products and services for their operations.

SGSS in Johannesburg already provides a comprehensive range of securities services in South Africa and now also covers Mauritius whilst in West Africa, SGSS will soon be expanding its presence to Ghana.

SGSS benefits from its expertise and its presence in 29 locations around the world to provide products and services that meet the specific requirements of its international and local clients to help them develop on their domestic markets as well as internationally.