Pierre Colladon

Pierre Colladon

Senior Adviser in Strategy for Market Infrastructure

Societe Generale

With a more than 20 years experience through different functions in Front and Back Offices activities including Cash and Securities business, Pierre Colladon is Senior Adviser in Strategy for Market Infrastructures at Société Générale Securities Services. He is in charge of Clearing, Custody and Issuer Services issues in terms of “public affairs” and Strategy.

Involved in the European harmonisation efforts, he has been or is member of different T2S working groups (T2S matching fields workshop, T2S Schedule of the Day Workshop, Task Force for smooth Cross CSD Settlement, Task Force on adaptation to cross CSD Settlement or “TFAX”) and recently has joined the Harmonisation Steering Group. He is also  Chairman of the French MIG (Market Implementation Group responsible for General Meeting and Corporate Actions European Standards implementation in France) and such as one of the creator of the “Easy MIG”, the un official instance gathering MIGs of the ESES zone. Member of the European MIG, he has recently joined the CAJWG (Corporate Action Joint Working Group), which is in charge of drawing Corporate Actions Standards in Europe and analysing any need or request for an evolution of these standards, and the JWWGM (Joint Working Group on General Meetings), which deal with the same kind of topics in the scope of General Meetings.

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