Melanion Capital launches the world's first ETF linked to Bitcoin with the support of Societe Generale Securities Services


Melanion Capital has appointed Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) as depobank, custodian, transfer agent and fund administrator for the issuance of the first Bitcoin related ETF* UCITS**.

SGSS, an experienced player in ETF services with strong expertise and dedicated solutions in this area, was entrusted with this role by Melanion Capital, a French asset management company and alternative investment fund manager. Melanion appointed SGSS for its understanding of the product, its recognised expertise in ETFs, as well as in the custodian, valuation agent and transfer agent businesses.

Both groups are delighted with this partnership.

Véronique Dang Vu, ETF expert at SGSS:

SGSS’ ETF and business experts have strongly supported Melanion Capital for the past two years, confident in the success of this innovative product and committed to supporting them in the development of their product range.

Cyril Sabbagh, Head of ETF at Melanion Capital:

We are pleased to have worked with SGSS to launch our Bitcoin related ETF. When we launched this project two years ago, Bitcoin was much less widely used than it is today. Many doors were closed to us just because our prospectus mentioned the word ‘Bitcoin’ (there are no Bitcoins in our ETF). But we were able to count on the expertise and responsiveness of SGSS, which was the only company to understand that our ETF only included equities. They then showed flawless professionalism in supporting us at every stage of our project.

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*ETF: Exchange-Traded Fund
**UCITS: Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities.