Integrated Dealing Services (I-DEAL)

The buyside faces challenges like never before in execution.

Regulatory constraints such as MiFID II, a fragmented liquidity environment and growing pressure on costs have made the execution environment more challenging than ever.

The solution is Integrated Dealing Services (I-DEAL) – a fully outsourced dealing desk offer provided by SGSS, which covers all asset classes and global markets and allows the buy-sides to gain in efficiency and agility while taking up a three-fold challenge: 

  • Maintaining the link between management and the market
  • Controlling and improving execution performance
  • Boosting the business capacity

In short, SGSS assumes an agent mode position while remaining broker neutral.

Welcome speech

Find out more about I-DEAL in a video interview with Léonard Ollier, Head of I-DEAL Business Development, SGSS

i-DEAL features round-up

Saves money by allowing a variable rather than fixed cost base – so you can scale it according to yours and your clients’ needs

Consolidates volumes so everyone can access liquidity at the best price, even for smaller transactions

Integrates dealing into straight-through processing, reducing operational risk and simplifying workflow

Helps you comply with the best execution required by MiFID II, to be introduced in 2017, and optimises execution performance

Gives a single entry point to cover all asset classes with a wide range of counterparties and flexibility to add new products

Allows you to keep full control of execution and work with any broker you choose