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International Bankers Forum Depositary Conference in Luxembourg


On Tuesday, October 25th, at 6.30 PM, Societe Generale Securities Services in Luxembourg will host the International Bankers Forum Conference.
The panelists will discuss the issues of investors protection, current and future regulations and the impact on the brand "Luxembourg ".

Jean-Pierre Gomez, Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs SGSS Luxembourg

Serge BALATRE, Head Business Development Depositary & ManCo, SGSS
Julien FAUCHER, Managing Director, Amundi Luxembourg
Corine GERARDY, Chief Operating Officer, NN Investments Partners
Frank ROESSIG, Country Manager, Akeance Consulting Luxembourg
Benoit SAUVAGE, Senior Advisor, ABBL

For more information or registration, please contact IBF : fischerb@pt.lu
For the full program click here.