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10th Annual Collateral Management Forum


The 10th Annual Collateral Management Forum 2016 will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 20-21, 2016. Topics, such as margin rules for non-cleared OTC derivatives, streamlining of infrastructure and central clearing are taking the spotlight this year to facilitate a broad discussion platform.

This event brings together Heads, Global Heads, Managers and Directors of: Collateral Trading, Collateral Management, OTC Derivatives, Repo Trading, Credit Risk, Securities Lending, Portfolio Management, Liquidity Management, Compliance and Legal Division; representing: Investment and Retail Banks, Asset Management Houses, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds…, Margin Valuation and Operations.

Pierre Lebel, Head of Collateral Advisory - Societe Generale, will be part of the panel discussion "Addressing new margin requirements for non-cleared OTC derivatives"
• Managing the legal arrangements with custodians
• Which is better - a tri-party arrangement or to directly manage with the custodians?
• Will collateral procurement costs increase as there are more participants in the market for collateral?
• Re-hypothecation under strict conditions

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