CrossWise - Transforming the complex to the simple

CrossWise by SGSS is more than simple software. It combines efficient professional software package solutions with the full support of an expert team to help you secure and upgrade your front to back operating chain.

A front-to-back platform

Keep in touch with the newest technology and developments thanks to a built-in front-to-back system.

Extended outsourcing

WithCrossWise, SGSS offers a full range of services and not a simple system offer. CrossWise offers a transversal relationship management and client service framework, as well as an outsourced service of traditional Middle and Back Office functions.

  • The best partner

  • CrossWise gathers expertise from across the Bank and includes regulatory reporting throughout the full value chain. Benefit from the best reporting in terms of Best Execution, put in perspective and compare the performance of the brokers. With CrossWise, complying with regulatory requirements is easy
  • Increased profitability

  • CrossWise adapts to your business with flexible contracts and rate cards, allowing you to improve your funds’ total expense ratio and efficiency.

Benefit from a full range of outsourcing services of your middle & back office services with CROSSWISE

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