SGSS enhances its offering in Germany

Societe Generale Securities Services GmbH (SGSS GmbH) in Germany has enhanced its administration and accounting service offering for direct investments. Aimed at institutional investors, these services provide consolidated accounting and reporting services for greater accounting transparency and financial security for all types of direct investments.

Direct investments are managed directly by the institutional investor, independently from other outsourced asset management activities, and include bonds, equities and other registered securities such as promissory notes. Direct investment has become increasingly popular with asset owners, such as pension funds, insurers, sovereign funds, foundations and associations, to help improve risk management by diversifying asset allocation.

The challenge faced by institutional investors is obtaining a consolidated overview of its entire range of assets held both directly and managed externally. In response to this growing market need to consolidate data for investment transparency, SGSS GmbH has adapted and optimised its accounting and reporting system in order to map and collect data as a third-party provider for the entire range of an investor’s investments. Consolidated portfolio data from assets managed directly and externally are then combined into one structure to provide an overall view of the investor’s portfolio positions.

SGSS GmbH’s enhanced direct investment administration and accounting services will include centralised reporting for the investor’s entire investment portfolio, as well as performance measurement, performance attribution and risk analysis, in addition to customised reporting. The new accounting services are compliant with both German accounting standards (HGB) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

"With asset allocation becoming more complex and diversified, investors are realising they need to increase oversight of their assets and portfolio performance. We are confident that we have created unique added-value for institutional investors and met a growing market need with our enhanced direct investment administration and accounting services, based on a combination of both fund administration and reporting expertise that SGSS GmbH has been providing in Germany for over 50 years," said Christian Wutz, Managing Director of SGSS GmbH.