Front-to-back Outsourcing (CrossWise)

The search for optimal operational efficiency and the increasing regulatory constraints inspire more and more asset managers and institutional investors to outsource all or part of their front-to-back operational chain. SGSS provides you with a fully integrated technology and service model that allows asset managers to focus on their core business: generating financial performance for their clients.

A strong partner, specialised in outsourcing

CrossWise brings together all the specialists and expertise of Societe Generale group and is based on a transversal and functional operating model to meet the specific needs of buy-side companies. SGSS puts its 15 years of experience in front-to-back outsourcing at your service, as well as a dedicated project management team that relies on accelerated, structured and efficient onboarding procedures. CrossWise also includes comprehensive regulatory intelligence and reporting services throughout the entire value chain to help you better manage your business and meet the needs of your various stakeholders.

Increased profitability

CrossWise adapts to your business by offering flexible contracts and pricing schedules, allowing you to significantly improve the Total Expense Ratio (TER) of your funds and to spread part of your fixed costs by outsourcing some of your non-core activities.

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A transversal and modular platform

The fully integrated CrossWise by SGSS offer covers the entire value chain in all markets and for all asset classes. It consists of four complementary modules - front office, trading & execution (I-DEAL), middle office and back office - which can be subscribed to either as a whole or separately, in order to adapt to the needs of investment professionals and to the growth of their activity.

A complete outsourcing service

More than just software, SGSS offers you a full suite of services by combining portfolio management platform (PMS), one of the most powerful on the market, with the support of a team of business experts, who help you secure and optimise your front-to-back processing chain. 

Diagram: CrossWise by SGSS offer

Key features and benefits

Full scalability, transparency and continuous monitoring.
Each of CrossWise's modules adapts in real time to your needs, to regulatory and market changes, whether related to digital tools provided or to the support teams of SGSS experts who intervene throughout the operational chain. CrossWise also offers an online dashboard, which provides a clear and complete view of your assets, as well as advanced simulation functions to support your investment decisions. You keep control of all of your transactions through a secure online platform that provides a detailed view of your operations, and you remain visible to brokers and market counterparties through SGSS' "in-branch" representation, who acts on your behalf for your trading and execution operations via I-DEAL, CrossWise's dedicated module. 

An effective portfolio management platform at an affordable cost.
CrossWise provides you with the SimCorp Dimension® portfolio management platform (PMS), recognised as one of the most powerful on the market. This PMS offers a complete set of functionalities for the management of your assets and operations. It benefits from an optimal scalability in terms of updates, both technical and regulatory, in order to strengthen your operational risk model and optimise your investment strategies. It includes ESG considerations with a pre-trade control solution prior to any orders being placed, as well as indicators and reporting to ensure alignment with the defined ESG strategy. Thanks to the partnership between SGSS and SimCorp, investment companies of all sizes can now take advantage of this tool, usually reserved for the most important players in the market, due to the high cost of individual subscription for some companies.

Operational excellence in negotiation & execution and for your front office, middle office and back office.
CrossWise enables you to streamline your operational framework across the entire value chain by providing you with the right operating resources at every stage of your development. Thanks to SGSS' integrated and automated processes, you can improve your operational risk model and optimise the management of your resources by assigning non-core tasks to professionals who are experts in their field. CrossWise also offers comprehensive reporting at every stage of the front-to-back operational chain, which you can rely on to better manage your business and meet your clients' needs and regulators' requirements.

A single partner covering the entire value chain.
Using multiple service providers to outsource each individual link in your operational chain can quickly become complex. This is why SGSS offers to centralise the outsourcing of your front-to-back processes around one single trusted partner. SGSS has the capacity to intervene throughout the entire value chain in order to provide you with a single point of entry whatever your request and to enable the implementation of a tailor-made outsourcing plan. By delegating some of your lower value-added tasks, you rationalise the use of your resources enabling you to (re)allocate them strategically to focus on your core business and growth.

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