Publication of an AMF report on Private Equity


The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) published a report on 11 September 2023 entitled "Private equity: state of play and vulnerabilities", in which it describes the growing Private Equity market, at the heart of the economy’s financing, and outlines the risks inherent in this type of investment.

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The AMF notes the importance of private equity  to the global and European financial system, in terms of the amounts of financing involved, and highlights that its performance remains open to debate, even if it is generally acknowledged to exceed that of the stock markets. But the AMF also considers that the development of private equity is a source of risks in terms of investor protection, financial stability, and market organisation.

According to the AMF, certain provisions of the regulatory framework applicable to private equity could be re-examined, following the example of the strengthening of the regulatory framework by the SEC (American Securities and Exchange Commission) adopted in August 2023.