SGSS welcomes the “mouvement luxembourgeois pour la qualité” to its premises

Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) Luxembourg welcomed the “Mouvement Luxembourgeois de la Qualité”* (Luxembourg Movement for Quality) to its offices to mark “La Semaine de la Qualité” (quality week), held from 18 to 22 November 2013.

On Monday 18 November, SGSS opened the Week by organising a seminar called: “Return on investment – The financial sector’s point of view”. SGSS clients, prospective clients and partners were welcomed by Olivier Renault, SGSS’ Country Manager in Luxembourg, who presented the pillars of a quality approach within the financial sector. Guests were then able to take part in three workshops on the following topics:

  • “Customer service as a crucial vehicle for the quality approach” with Etienne Deniau, Global Head of Business Development, Asset Managers and Owners at SGSS,
  • “Visual management” with Benoît Willers, Head of Custody and Issuer Services at SGSS Luxembourg,
  • “Innovation: societal and technological trends” with Valérie Vercoutre, Head of the Observatory of Innovation at Societe Generale Montreal.

The seminar ended with a testimonial from Philippe Chossonnery, Deputy General Manager of Amundi Luxembourg, who came to talk about the way the quality approach is viewed by a client.

SGSS has already received recognition in the field of quality. Indeed, in 2012 SGSS received the “Luxembourg Quality Award” (Prix Luxembourgeois de la Qualité) from Etienne Schneider, Minister of the Economy and Foreign Trade in Luxembourg. This award, in the ”Large-sized Companies” category, was for the best organisation recognised for the quality of its products and services and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

SGSS was the first bank to receive this award and wanted, through the first day of this year’s Semaine de la Qualité, to share its experience for an efficient and innovative quality approach with a wider audience.

*The “Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité” (Luxembourg Movement for Quality), an independent body of reference, aims to promote and encourage the implementation of initiatives in favour of quality and its management in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The “Luxembourg Quality Award” has been awarded in Luxembourg since 2004.