SGSS launches a new global Broker-Dealer services outsourcing solution

Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) announces the launch of a new Global Broker-Dealer Services (BDS) outsourcing solution aimed at institutional brokers, mid-tier banks and broker-dealers. The fully integrated global service includes middle-office services, back-office processing and post-trade services.

SGSS is developing this solution in response to increasing market demand from independent mid-tier brokers who want to concentrate on their core business and lower their production costs.

The solution encompasses a set of services from execution, liquidity support, middle and back office processes, to core securities processing and asset servicing.

SGSS partners with clients to remove fixed costs and reduce expenses associated with back-office and post-trade activities by having access to a scalable and global set-up shared by other like-users.

SGSS is joining up with service partner Accenture Post-Trade Processing (APTP), a leading international provider of back-office processing services for investment banks, to benefit from a best-of-breed platform that is unique in the industry. This dedicated specialist service provider contributes to SGSS’ scale and functionality and enables the mid-tier market to benefit from significant operational efficiencies.

“Mid-tier sell-side firms face a growing challenge to maintain and sustain their business,” explains Jason Nabi, Head of Financial Institutions & Brokers for the UK at Societe Generale Securities Services. “By outsourcing their full post-trade processes, clients become much more agile in terms of costs and set-up and can thus focus on growth and end-clients’ increasing needs.”