Final phase of the migration from SGSS GALLERY to SG MARKETS


The COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown and the resulting development of remote working have certainly dispelled any lingering doubts about the importance of digital tools. That's why it’s all the more necessary to have access to an efficient, user-friendly platform gathering all Societe Generale’s services for its large clientele. This is the main idea behind SG MARKETS.

The migration from SGSS GALLERY to SG MARKETS – which started in July 2019 with the integration of the fund administration service – will continue at a brisk pace over the next 3 months. This will enable us to shut down the SGSS GALLERY portal by the end of the year.

Benefits for you:
  • An offering that is better structured.

  • Simpler access menus.

  • Optimised authentication management.

  • Access to E-Sign, the electronic signature application housed in SG MARKETS.

  • The ability to discover and adopt SG MARKETS services that are of interest to you.

Migration schedule:

Thursday, 4 June the following services will be migrated:





Thursday, 27 June: Migration of the CLEARING SOLUTIONS (Parel) service.

The other SGSS GALLERY services will be migrated by end-September.

What is the impact on SGSS GALLERY users migrating to SG MARKETS?

Clients will be invited to create a new password when connecting to SG MARKETS for the first time. They will then have access to the same services that were previously available in SGSS GALLERY, with the same scope. Users carrying out transactions will continue to use the existing token authentication. 

How will users be informed about the migration?

All SGSS GALLERY users concerned will receive an individual information email, followed a few days later by an email indicating the migration date. They will then receive an email inviting them to connect to SG MARKETS and create their password.

The completion of this migration and subsequent closure of SGSS GALLERY heralds a new era in the digital development of SGSS, starting with a robust platform and advanced technology that will provide top quality services to our clients using the Agile method.