Societe Generale Securities Services launches a new digital solution: “Fund Alerts”

Aimed at asset managers, “Fund Alerts” is a real-time liability fund management and liquidity risk prevention solution.

The tool provides an instantaneous view of their fund liability movements via various “customised” alerts at the following times: 

  • In real-time on subscription orders or redemptions received
  • At closure of the fund on the inflow/outflow balance
  • At closure if the regulatory materiality threshold1 defined in the fund or UCITS’ prospectus is crossed

“The real-time aspect and the customised alerts relating to the materiality threshold make Fund Alerts an innovative and comprehensive alert tool. It is particularly effective should outflows exceed a pre-defined threshold and allows fund managers to react swiftly on behalf of their clients, or to activate redemption capping mechanisms”, explains Yvan Mirochnikoff, Head of Digital Solutions at Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS).

Based on APIs2, the solution will be accessible via SG Markets, the online services platform dedicated to the Global Banking & Investor Solutions clients. Each client will be able to define, according to their requirements, the alert-triggering thresholds on value or percentage of the net asset they wish to receive. The client can be notified on their SG Markets profile, via smartphone and/or by email.

“This digital solution is another illustration of SGSS ability to transform its clients’ information in order to provide them with a service that matches their requirements”, adds Yvan Mirochnikoff.

Fund Alerts is now available for French and Luxembourg funds managed in France3. Deployment will take place during the course of 2021 for funds managed internationally, and from the beginning of January 2021 for those managed in Luxembourg4.

1 Minimum threshold of 300,000 euros in assets required by the French Regulators to create a mutual fund.

2 Application Programming Interface

3 Funds for which SGSS is a Transfer Agent (centralising agent) or Initial Transfer Agent (pre-centralising agent) in France, excluding Private Equity Real Estate funds.

4 Funds for which SGSS is a Transfer Agent in Luxembourg.