gets a new look!


Check out our new website & our new mobile app. You'll enjoy improved accessibility and user-friendliness for a more practical experience!

The new Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) website,, went live 01/12/2015. is a multilingual website available in French, English, German, Portuguese and Spanish. It is dedicated to employee savings schemes and targets staff and entrepreneurs. is user-friendly and highly informative. Employees can use it to:

  • learn more about employee savings schemes and the services offered
  • access all news & dossiers.

Entrepreneurs and companies can use the website to:

  • learn about Société Générale’s savings and custodian solutions
  • develop employee savings and retirement solutions for their company
  • browse our financial management solutions.

The Société Générale Employee Savings Custody Account-Keeper develops digital solutions to make employee savings schemes more accessible via a mobile app, responsive design website and text-message alerts.

“Digitalisation is key for our business lines, as it is vital for them to communicate closely with employees and entrepreneurs,” says Pascal Gourceau, Head of Custody Account-Keeping at Société Générale.


With over 40 years’ experience, the Société Générale Employee Savings Custody Account-Keeper offers a range of complementary services adapted to entrepreneurial firms of all sizes, from small businesses to major groups.


Esalia application new version is now available with new features, such as:

- The possibility to do voluntary payment with settlement through debit card or direct debit.

-  The possibility to do reimbursement on available credit note