Quarterly Financial Information Q2 2022


“Q2 2022 concluded two years of intense and disciplined execution of our various strategic projects. We have successfully simplified and strengthened the resilience of our business model, transformed our businesses to support the changing needs of our customers and the far-reaching transformations around digital technologies and ESG, and invested in a targeted manner in businesses with strong growth potential. We combined, in H1 2022, strong growth in revenues and underlying profitability above 10% (ROTE) and we were able to manage our exit from the Russian activities without significant capital impact and without handicapping the Group's strategic developments. These dynamics and performances make us confident regarding both the short term, in an undeniably more uncertain environment, and in the medium term. By 2025, having reaped all the benefits of the numerous strategic and operating efficiency initiatives under way, we confirm our ability to deliver profitability of 10% on the basis of a target core Tier 1 capital ratio of 12%, while maintaining an attractive distribution policy for our shareholders” Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer