The Dark Side of Transparency


SGSS is organising a European roadshow, starting on 14 March 2017, with a panel of experts to discuss and debate “The Dark Side of Transparency.” Eight events will be held across Europe in London, Paris, Zurich, Milan, Frankfurt and Luxembourg.

MIFID, EMIR, AIFM, PRIIPS, SFTR … all these are regulations designed for “transparency”, which in turn is supposed to guarantee investor protection and ensure market stability.

Whilst this is an ambitious and noble goal, what are the consequences?
Multiple reporting, which is sometimes inconsistent, and data which is unavailable:
How do you manage this? How do you control costs and maintain margins?
Are the business models of financial services companies being threatened?
How do financial services companies make the most out of these initiatives?

Join our panel of experts for a lively debate and find answers to these questions.

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