The Liquidity Revolution

The Societe Generale event “The liquidity revolution: long term investors, cash, and the unintended consequences of regulation” will be held in Amsterdam on 3rd November 2016.

The impact of regulation is forcing long-term investors to adopt new perspectives on how to efficiently manage changes in key, interconnected areas: liquidity & financing; ALM hedging; execution; flowing through to the more “inert” areas of clearing and custody.

During the half-day event on the top floor of the Rembrandt Tower, the various seminar speakers will provide:

  • an overview of the regulatory and market developments that are causing these changes;
  • predictions of where these developments will lead;
  • expert views from long-term investors on how they as end users are changing their own organisations, their use of financial instruments and their business partners within this context.

The seminar will bring together Societe Generale experts on financial markets, clearing and post-trade services.