John Rauscher

Co-founder and CEO at Yseop


John Rauscher is a lifelong entrepreneur. John brings to Yseop his energy, enthusiasm, and rich experience after a lengthy career in the software industry in both the U.S. and Europe.

Before joining Yseop, John Rauscher was the CEO of Sunopsis, which he sold to Oracle in 2006, and whose flagship product is now known as Oracle Data Integrator. Prior to this, John was CEO of the U.S. subsidiary of Cyrano, a public company specializing in RDBMS testing tools. John lived in San Francisco and Boston for a period of 10 years during his tenure at Cyrano and Sunopsis. He is the author of two published business books, A la conquête de la Silicon Valley ('Conquering Silicon Valley' - 1999), on innovative marketing for the high tech industry, and PME: Réussir à l’international ('Small Businesses Succeeding Internationally' - 2008), on the power of innovation for succeeding in international business.

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