Private Equity Regulatory Reporting Webinar - 4 December 2014


Laurent Plumet, Head of Business Development for SGSS will participate in PE-Connect’s Private Equity Regulatory Reporting Webinar in London between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm GMT on Thursday December 4th 2014.

The webinar will focus on how third party administrators actually do all of the work that is involved in complying with the above regulatory reporting regimes.


  • Questions that will be addressed at the webinar include:
  • What proportion of the data is in the possession of fund administrators already?
  • To what extent can software applications assist in this data mining process?
  • How do you manage your data to regulatory deadlines?
  • What is the best way to integrate third party data sources into your data management process?
  • How do you build reliable KYC/AML sanctions screening filters?
  • How can you best bespoke your reporting to your limited partners?

For more information, please contact sgss.com@socgen.com

Or visit http://pe-connect.com/events/private-equity-regulatory-reporting-webinar