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With SGSS GALLERY, pilot your business activity.

SGSS Gallery

Your SGSS GALLERY web portal provides you with a unique online access to pilot your SGSS services and operations and gives you a global vision of your activity. The portal allows you to manage, control and pilot your instructions and exchanges with SGSS at the end of your fingertips. SGSS GALLERY is designed to give you an intuitive access to summarised or detailed data through service modules adapted to your needs. You can customize the display of your key reports, initiate transactions, validate actions and find your transaction history.

Find out more about the SGSS client portal which allows you to manage, control and pilot your operations.

Your SGSS GALLERY portal innovates! Discover the video with the new features offered

Easy access to post-trade information


A secure single sign-on 24/7

Useful information on custody and fund management

Access to post-trade news

Manage your data

Access all your data wherever you are

Customize the layout of your reports

Schedule and dispatch your reports

Drive your business

Download and integrate custom reports to your IT system

Transactional features

Event alerts, online validations and corporate action tracking

A dedicated support team

Online assistance and tutorials

Comprehensive documentation

A support team at your disposal