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E-services at the service of the Employee Savings Fund

Societe Generale has developed a service offering enabling companies and their employees to adopt and manage Employee Savings plans. They will therefore have a multi-channel communication offering at their fingertips to stay informed and to carry out and monitor their transactions.

The Esalia.com website is informative and transaction-oriented, with separate pages for company representatives and employees. Not only does this allow them to follow current developments in the employee savings fund, find out about regulations, check out the latest innovations, etc., it also allows them to manage and track their employee savings scheme through the secure area of the website.

Esalia.com is available in six languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Italian).

Challenges for your company – how to manage your employee savings schemes online! 

Full reports available online

Company representatives can use the secure Company area at any time from the Esalia.com homepage in order to:

  • view reports on transactions carried out;
  • obtain social security tax and social security debt contributions statements;
  • monitor the progress of the transactions.

An infocentre available 24/7

  • Detailed statistics: payments, redemptions, arbitrages, the number of shareholders per investment vehicle, assets in the FCPEs with availability dates;
  • Statements of employee savings plan management: overviews of assets per employee or per FCPE, social security tax and social security debt contributions statements, list of employees with undeliverable mail (incorrect addresses);
  • Employee lists: choose your preferred list based on varying criteria (assets by origin, maturity date, etc.) or based on employee savings cross data from your company (assets, funds, payments, arbitrages, etc.). 

Challenges for employees –  how to simplify the management of your employee savings fund

The Esalia.com secure website grants you access to:

  • wealth status organised by plan, investment medium and availability date;
  • information on investments and their performance;
  • news on your Employee Savings plan;
  • E-statements : by signing up for e-statements for online accounts, the employee is alerted via email when e-statements become available in their secure space on the website. 

Employees can:

  • make additional payments -  voluntary or scheduled;
  • carry out the redemption of their available assets or early redemptions;
  • arbitrage between different investment vehicles;
  • respond to option notices (profit-sharing scheme, incentive plan);
  • monitor their transactions in progress. 

Please note: if an employee loses their password, it can be renewed via text message, provided that they submitted their mobile phone number in the secure area of the website. 

Try our mobile Esalia application as well! 

Designed for iPhone and Android, this app for Employee Savings plans is free to download.

This app enables your employees to access the following services at any time:

  • view assets;
  • details of assets by plan, investment vehicle and availability date;
  • transaction history;
  • setting up payments by bank card or direct debit;
  • request for redemption of available holdings;
  • and much, much more...


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