What we can do for you

Clearing and settlement

Our local and international teams of over 500 specialists are available to work closely with you and provide you with skills, expertise and in-depth market knowledge.

Our teams are fully committed and available to provide active support and assistance for all operations in the fast-changing market infrastructure environment, while maintaining competitive fees.

In addition, we offer a flexible web reporting tool, based on the latest web technology, which provides access to all markets via a single entry point for global clearing and settlement. Specially designed to monitor your operations on a multi-market basis, our web tool includes dashboard reports and the possibility to input settlement instructions.

Clearing Services

SGSS provides clearing services from London, Milan, Paris and Zurich to support the activities of investment banks and brokers, enabling our clients to concentrate on growing their business.

SGSS is a specialist of managing settlement and delivery-related flows and clears securities trades on the main European regulated Market and Multilateral Trading Platforms (MTF):

Euronext (LCH-Clearnet SA clearing house)
Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LCH-Clearnet SA clearing house)
London Stock Exchange (LCH-Clearnet LTD clearing house)
Xetra (Eurex clearing house)
Six Swiss Exchange (SIX X-Clear clearing house)
Borsa Italiana (CC&G clearing house)
Turquoise (Euroccp clearing house)
Chi-X (EMCF clearing house)
Equiduct (LCH-Clearnet SA, LCH-Clearnet LTD, SIX X-Clear clearing houses)
Smartpool (LCH-Clearnet SA, LCH-Clearnet LTD and Euroccp clearing houses)
Austria Stock Exchange (CCPA clearing house)
Bats Europe (EMCF clearing house)
Nasdaq OMX Nordic (EMCF clearing house)
Nasdaq OMX Baltic (EMCF clearing house)
In addition, SGSS can also provide a Euronext and Six Swiss order routing service on a sub-contracting basis which enables orders to be received and routed through banking networks.

SGSS offers clients broad market coverage as well as a large range of financial instruments:

  • Equities,
  • Fixed income,
  • Listed derivatives,
  • Warrants,
  • ETFs

Customised reporting can also be provided based on client requirements.

Settlement services

To facilitate our Settlement Services, SGSS has a network of sub-depositories throughout Europe and is a direct affiliated member of CSD/ICSD:

  • Euroclear FR / NL / BE / UK,
  • Monte Titoli,
  • Euroclear Bank,
  • SegaInterSettle,
  • Clearstream Frankfurt and Luxembourg

Advantages for our clients:

  • Reduced treasury needs, as we will set up collateral required by CSD and ICSD on a global basis,
  • Access to ESES’ settlement platform (Euroclear France, Belgium and Netherland) including an access to all systems and specific features such as Registered Shares and SBI,
  • Ensured confidentiality for OTC transactions and the collection of intermediary fees.

Account Holding

As an authorised service supplier, we can provide trading member firms with:

  • An account holding to record transactions in financial instruments executed on behalf of clients
  • A financial guarantee for order takers

Margin Calls

SGSS offers a highly-sophisticated margin management service.

Margin calls are:

  • Calculated daily by our own risk management system
  • Based on delivery counterparties’ internal ratings and net position per securities, whatever the trading venue involved
  • Risk calculation significantly optimises the level of margin calls for clients as SGSS covers CCP margins. SGSS does not require any contribution to the CCP clearing funds.