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What does SGSS offer in terms of portfolio performance, risk & Environmental Social Governance analysis?

Access to detailed portfolio data is more important than ever. Since the financial crisis, monitoring risk is essential, not only on the back of the financial crisis, but mandatory as a result of continuing regulatory pressure. For investors and asset managers, detailed, in-depth portfolio data, and ongoing risk monitoring is crucial in order to make the right investment decision.


Analytics & Reporting by SGSS offers performance and risk analysis at each and every stage of the portfolio assessment process, supporting regulatory requirement needs, as well as providing access to relevant management and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) information.

SGSS collects data from both internal and external sources, cleans, aggregates where necessary, and enriches it with look through information if required.

SGSS VIEW, SGSS’ innovative online reporting-tool, allows the client to visualise dynamically performance and risk analysis, as well as providing a variety of additional functionalities.

Analytics & Reporting by SGSS, consists of a full modular range of dynamic and customisable risk, performance & ESG reports, whether portfolios are under SGSS administration or not.

Get detailed portfolio analysis with RISK & PERFORMANCE ANALYTICS
Benefit from a reporting tool adapted to your ESG strategy with ESG REPORTING

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Key features and benefits

Allows data collection, cleaning & aggregation: SGSS has the tools and connectivity to collect data from its clients’ existing suppliers or systems; to detect or correct corrupt or inaccurate records; to reprice financial instruments according to the clients’ own pricing policy, to ensure consistency; and finally to create different levels of aggregation of portfolios.

Offers a look through service: SGSS connects with the asset managers in which their clients’ funds invest in and retrievesunderlying assets in order to create an elementary asset portfolio.

Provides reliable performance & risk reporting:

  • Performance measurement: key performance metrics serve as an important benchmark for carrying out an ongoing investment reviews, and provide the portfolio manager with essential information on strategy alignment and meeting customer expectations. Our performance measurement services include the computation of significant key figures. The “Key Figure Portfolio” pools key metrics for category performance, bonds and risk, with the option to integrate a calculation of further key figures

Enables the pilot of activity thanks to SGSS View, SGSS’ cutting edge web reporting-tool that gives:

  • An accurate visualisation of analytics data, regardless of whether the client is at its desk or on the move

  • The option to configure home screens according to needs.

  • Performance attribution: well-founded analysis helps to identify performance drivers and negative contributions, and corrects them where necessary. Performance attribution offers the ideal basis for this. It enables the choice between key figures of lean reports and detailed segment reports.

  • Risk analysis: a sound analysis of its portfolio is crucial in order to mitigate risks. SGSS provides a comprehensive risk analysis to fulfill obligatory regulatory requirements

  • ESG analysis

  • Solvency II reporting (SCR pre-calculation, QRT …).

Gives performance and risks analysis, including for those portfolios not administrated by SGSS: performance and risk services can be considered as stand-alone services.

How does it work?

Diagram: Data warehouse and processing and reporting systems

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