Top market scores in the Agent Banks in Major Markets Survey 2016


SGSS received the highest average scores in the Global Custodian survey among the providers in France, Italy and Spain in 2016. Additionally, SGSS achieved the highest scores of all providers concerning France, and scores were generally higher than a year ago.

We are proud to announce that SGSS received:

  • Highest average score of the survey in France, Italy and Spain.
  • Highest score in France for two categories: Settlement and Relationship & Client service.
  • Highest score in Italy for three categories: Asset servicing, Ancillary services and Value delivered.
  • Highest score in Spain for three categories: Settlement, Relationship & Client service, Value delivered.

Our trusted clients commented on the responsiveness of SGSS this year in the magazine:

“The last year has seen a more focused and responsive approach to the relationship which is appreciated.”

“Responsiveness of Ops Team is impressive. Each query is appropriately managed and the commitment to help is visible.”

SGSS will continue its quest to be the best securities services provider in the market.

Read more: www.globalcustodian.com/surveys/

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