SGSS Global Investment Management Survey - Part 1


According to a recent PwC survey*, 70% of Asset and Wealth Manager CEOs worldwide think that changes in core technologies are going to disrupt their industry over the next five years

It becomes obvious for anyone looking at asset management that the pace of change is accelerating. But who will benefit from those new winds is the question.

In order to get a common view of those trends, their magnitude,threats and opportunities they offer, SGSS decided to carry out a strategic consultation process called “Taking the Long View” among buy-side firms’ senior executives across Europe.

This survey was carried out during the final quarter of 2017 and in January 2018, with 100 senior executives interviewed. A series of open-ended questions were asked about the main challenges and expectations vis-à-vis four specific topics: the global environment, clients and strategies, operational strategy and new technologies.

To begin with, discover the survey figures.

* PwC 21st CEO survey, 2018

Survey Figures

*Where head quarters of the companies are located

A total of 100 face-to-face interviews, each conducted by 2 SGSS senior managers. Most interviews lasted over an hour.

Per activity

Per size of Assets under management

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