Private Equity and Real Estate markets deserve digital innovations


The Private Equity and Real Estate fund markets are facing a challenging growth. SGSS fosters asset managers’ success factors by providing new digital services through its SGSS GALLERY web portal. Welcome on board!

Investments targeting, commercial strategy and efficient asset management are the main challenges of Private Equity and Real Estate asset managers. Operational efficiency should not be a concern. This is why Societe Generale Securities Services innovation is assisting Private Equity and Real Estate businesses to move from “business as usual” to easier, faster and safer ways of working with three new digital services to discover and to adopt.


SGSS GALLERY – Private Equity and Real Estate DocBox


Private Equity and Real Estate operations are administrating a lot of supporting documents exchanged between management companies and asset servicers. Since the end of 2016, SGSS’s web portal “SGSS GALLERY” offers an embedded document management service named DocBox. This communication channel enables to:

  • Strengthen confidentiality
  • Guarantee that documents are assigned to the specific teams in charge of the client account within SGSS
  • Let the client follow-up document approbation by SGSS in real time
  • Give access at any time to any of the documents transferred to or received from SGSS
  • Make fund launch, investment and divestment easier with check lists and the ‘click and send’ feature of DocBox

SGSS Middle-Office and back-office teams are ready to welcome clients on board.


From manual to automatic: SGSS Document Management API


If the client already has a document management system or a CRM, it can transfer documents faster to SGSS without accessing  SGSS GALLERY using our document management Application Programming Interface (API) services, DocBoxAPI. To interconnect our information systems, SGSS IT will work with the client IT team.

Societe Generale Securities Services is providing clients with the benefits of its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This is a new step to improved interactivity.


Liquidity shortage? get a quick answer from SGSS using EZ Cash


Private Equity and Real Estate activity requires reactivity to face unexpected situations. In some situations, liquidity shortage can be overcome by setting up a bridge facility: EZ Cash. This service is available in the DocBoxsection of SGSS GALLERY.
The client loads the main characteristics of the required bridge facility and upload requested documentation. If any part of the documentation is already available on the DocBoxthere is not additional submission. Receipt of documents is notified in real time to SGSS Private Equite Real Estate dedicated team for them to analyze the request and provide a timely feed-back on the bridge facility request.

These services can be presented by one of our SGSS GALLERY experts.

Do not hesitate to contact your SGSS relationship manager or dedicated contact to schedule a demonstration. Adopting innovations is a success factor to improve your operational efficiency.

We are progressing in our digital road map for Private Equity and Real Estate, more services will be introduced on a continuous basis.

Stay tuned to be informed of more digital innovations


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