ES - Collaboration agreemeent between CNMV and the Registrars Association


On 10 April 2019, the “Property and Companies Registrars Association” of Spain and the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), signed a collaboration agreement that allows the supervisor to speed up the search for information from the Property and Companies Registry to the purpose of performing its supervisor functions.

The agreement will facilitate the CNMV's access to information on the actual ownership of entities registered in companies registers, as well as other information available in those registers. One of the main new features of the templates for filing annual accounts at the Companies Registry is the obligation to declare who the actual owner of the company is and, therefore, access to this information is of relevance to the CNMV. The Registrars Association shall make available to the CNMV a service that will allow access to:

  • The actual owners of any given company,

  • Companies of which a natural person is the actual owner, and

  • The companies that appear in the control chain of an actual owner.

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