The Dark Side of Transparency

This 'virtual' roundtable captures some of the essence of a recent European roadshow

Transparency is an inherently good thing in many walks of life. In the modern financial services world its pursuit can present its own problems and what we witness is often an illusion of transparency rather than transparency itself.

This topic sat at the heart of a recent European roadshow of industry participants across Europe, hosted by SGSS in London, Paris, Zurich, Milan, Frankfurt and Luxembourg. The presentations made at these informal meetings and the special panel sessions held provided a platform for the expression of a range of perspectives.

SGSS asked financial journalist Brian Bollen to discuss key elements relating to the issue of transparency with a number of participants in these meetings. We believe that the 'virtual' roundtable he has created serves to capture some of the essence of our meetings. We hope that you find the discussion interesting and informative.

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