AIFs and UCITS – What’s next…? Part 2

SGSS European Roadshow

Such has been the pace of regulatory change in recent years that there now appears to be a degree of overlap between UCITS V and AIFMD as European regulators and the European Commission commit to enhancing investor protection, not just in UCITS funds but all alternative investment funds. With UCITS V now live, there are areas of common ground with AIFMD, principally regarding the depositary liability sanctions regime and the remuneration regime.

To canvass a range of different opinions on UCITS V and AIFMD, and the extent to which these two regulatory bodies are moving towards a single orbital path, Societe Generale Securities Services undertook a European roadshow throughout March, hosting panel sessions in the following five European cities:

  • Luxembourg
  • London
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Zurich

This second section will now present the key findings that arose from the panel sessions.

Question 1
How does the regulatory framework impact the (UCITS) brand?
Question 2
How do asset managers and asset servicers plan to operate during this period of uncertainty before implementation of...
Question 3
Are there any known changes planned for AIFMD II and UCITS VI?
Question 4
Will we see convergence of AIF and UCITS regulation? Will this result in a single rulebook?
Country-specific insights
Some country-specific questions were discussed during the European roadshow. Below is a selection of key findings:
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