Why Artificial Intelligence Machines are not your Competitors?

As digital natives, we have been living with computers all our lives. Artificial intelligence is becoming a reality for banks and asset managers and this is going to change it all.

As humans, we are afraid of uncertainties. As humans, we are lazy. As humans, we are not always doing good. Internet related tools are making our thinking efforts seamless. We are baffled by this convenience. We are tempted to blindly follow the nature of calculs to detect and exclude abnormal behaviours. Should artificial intelligence take the control of our abnormals activities?

Basel, MIFID2, PSD regulations are looking to minimising risk. By doing so, they inflated risks data to be processed. Banks and asset managers are doing their best to canalised an unprecedented data tsunami. Will this be sufficient without artificial intelligence?

The answer is clearly no. Artificial intelligence can look at volumes of data human can’t process.

The good old days of “relational databases” can’t be filtered by the current processes and the challenge become the translation of those databases into parallel processing, NoSQL, Hadoop, Elasticsearch. Before, data was being delivered to the processors but now processors are being brought to the data. This is the only way to tame big data.

MIFID2 and Fundamental Review of the Trading Book are raising the bar of data aggregation and analysis. A quality analysis of data will determine the risk factor model - would you not be able to do so, then non-modelable solutions will result in high level of capital being put aside. We are in the age of big data and data is power. As we are applying into InvestGlass artificial intelligence to generate storytelling, suspicious trading detection, preadvice check, we noticed that corporation implement those rules at their own speed. From our clients based in Asia, Europe and South America, we came to the conclusion that it is a question of corporate culture. We believe that regulators should be far more engaged and deliver a “regulation as a service offering” to prevent discrepancies between companies that would not be able to jump into the new data age and those who will use outsourced solution like InvestGlass.

Don’t fear to be left behind. Machines are tools, not competitors.

As our machine get smarter, we get smarter too. Each generation of technology produces surprises and side effects but actionable artificial intelligence will increase our productivity and return on asset.

About InvestGlass InvestGlass is the inside sales CRM-CMS of choice for financial advisors, sales and family office. InvestGlass uses actionable artificial intelligence to manage your structured and un-structured data. Artificial intelligence aims to reduce compliance cost, optimise operating expenses and increase return on asset.

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Alexandre Gaillard CEO and Founder InvestGlass